How Affiliate Marketing affects Walmart Black Friday Specials

Yes, even the popular Walmart Black Friday Specials will be affected by the activity of Affiliate Marketers.

Saturation is a self-fulfilling problem with the affiliate marketing world. The more popular a specific brand gets, the more marketers are out there promoting those products. So the brand gets a lot of exposure, and sometimes it will overrun the Affiliate market place.

The reason, I do not like to go after popular brands like Walmart or Amazon or Target or Best Buy, is because of the saturation. The competition for top listings is enormous.

My desire is to promote less popular brands like a MailBoxPower and the Synergy Collaborative.

You may have never heard of an MailBoxPower, or the Synergy Collaborative and this is why it is a good thing to promote, because not a lot of people are saturating the marketplace as Affiliate Marketers.

I called the MailBoxPower  platform my Magic Marketing Tool and this is because I also use this platform to promote other opportunities.

MailBoxPower is a platform that uses the United States Postal Service to deliver postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts. I use MailBoxPower to promote my other products and opportunities. You can learn more about mailbox power by going to my Magic Marketing Tool link below.


NOTE: The MailBoxPower affiliate program is free to join.

Another program that I am promoting is a program that I have personally developed myself. This program is called the Synergy Collaborative and I also have an affiliate program attached to this and other products and services. This affiliate program is called the Synergy Affiliate Program and I built it myself.


The Synergy Collaborative is also connected with my Synergy Event Marketing business.  This means that the exhibit space and sponsorships for the Minnesota Event Expo and the Minnesota Business Expo are also commissionable products.



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