Company: Wealthy Affiliate Wealthy Affiliate Review
Website URL:
Owners: Kyle Loudoun, Carson Lim
Cost: Starter (Free), Premium ($49/mth), Premium Plus+ ($99/mth)
Training:  9/10, 4-5 Expert Classes Weekly, 1,000’s of Training Modules
Websites/Hosting Included: Yes
Research Tools Included: Yes
Who It’s For: Beginner to Expert
Our Overall Rating: 9.8/10
Trust Pilot Rating: 4.9 out of 5 Stars

If you are reading this, chances are you have already heard about Wealthy Affiliate and you are seeking out more “information” on it before you make a decision. Because of this, I am going to try to help you understand first, what Wealthy Affiliate is, and also outline how and why it could benefit you.

First off though, let’s explain what Wealthy Affiliate is and who this type of service is for?

Wealthy Affiliate, THE Place for Internet Entrepreneurs

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform dedicated to affiliate marketers and helping internet entrepreneurs create successful businesses online through training, having access to the tools and services and they need, as well as timely support from industry experts.

If you have struggled to build a business online, have been ripped off or feel that you don’t have the “full picture”, Wealthy Affiliate is going to clear things up. You are going to learn how you can literally take ANY idea/passion/niche and build a very successful business online. No experience necessary. No technical skills.

We are living in a world where it is true that if you have an internet connection and a device to connect to the internet, you can build a business online.

Here is a diagram outlining the process that will be taught to you in detail within Wealthy Affiliate.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

This is a process that has worked since the early 2000s to build wildly successful businesses online and the fundamental principles behind this business model will work for MANY years to come. In fact, FOREVER!

I am going to explain the different aspects of this 4-step process in more detail just so you have a better idea as to what you will be doing, but if you want even more information about Wealthy Affiliate or this process you can get these details directly on their website.

Step 1: Choose Niche.

The first thing you need to do when building a business online is decided what type of business that you want. This is also called a niche. This can be anything but the most natural way to choose a niche would be to choose something that you are interested in or a hobby of yours.

For example, if I was as dog lover, I would probably make my niche something related to dogs. If I loved everything about remote control drones, then I could make my niche about drones. If I loved make-up, that could be a niche that I head into. If I like knitting, that can be my niche.

You can also build a business in niches that you may not have any knowledge of or that is not a passion of yours, completely up to you. There are truly millions of different directions that you can head with your business!

For this example, let’s say I head into the “drone” niche. That would be the basis of my business and it is what my website would be focused on.

**Wealthy Affiliate PROVIDES training on how to find a niche, and they offer personal support helping you select your niche and give you tools and techniques to come up with your own niche ideas.

Step 2: Build Website.

The next step after you have decided on your niche, would be building out your website. Your website is your business foundation.

Like a house, without a foundation the structure is weak and not sustainable. The same goes with an online/affiliate business. All of your content, all of your traffic, all of your rankings, all of your revenue is generated as a result of your website.

In this case, I would be building a website about drones. My goal will be to help people, inform people, recommend products/services to people, and offer my opinions on various aspects of this niche.

And no, you don’t need to be an expert or authority. As you build out your website and as you immerse yourself in your business, you become an expert.

Elon Musk wasn’t always the “electric car” expert, he became that through effort. Same as I will become a “drone expert” if I want, simply by putting forth the effort to build myself out within this niche.

**Wealthy Affiliate PROVIDES FREE Starter members ONE WordPress Website. As a Premium member, you can host up to 10 Websites on your own domains. 

Step 3: Get Traffic.

There is only ONE way to build a business. Traffic. In other words, people that buy stuff from you or take a desired action that will lead to revenue. This is the case for any type of business, offline or online.

Think of setting up a hot dog stand in the middle of the desert where there are no people, you are not going to sell many hot dogs. If you set it outside of a nightclub after it closes when all of the patrons are HUNGRY or at a fair around lunchtime, you are going to sell lots of hot dogs.

Same logic for selling anything online. If you don’t have website visitors, you don’t have anyone to sell anything to.

Search engines and social networks are the biggest driving forces behind traffic online and if you understand how to get ranked in Google, Bing & Yahoo…and understand how to leverage platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, and Instagram to drive traffic to your website, there is no limit to your potential.

**Wealthy Affiliate TEACHES traffic. They know the best strategies and techniques to get your website ranked and do it in abundance!

Step 4: Make Money.

Last but not least, how the heck do you make money. You have a niche, a website, and traffic, but you have nothing to sell to these people right?

Well, actually you do. There are over 500,000,000 (yes, 500 MILLION) products that you can promote as an affiliate marketer online. This means you don’t have to carry any inventory for any of these products/services. You simply link to companies through your special affiliate links, and exchange and they give you a cut (%) of every sale that you make.

This can range from pennies to $1,000’s of dollars for every sale.

As an example, in the drone niche there are 1,000’s of different products/services/guides/etc that I can promote and generate revenue from.

On Amazon, there are 50,100 products related to drones that I can promote. I will earn 6% commissions on any of those products that I refer people to.

Drone Affiliate Program

Your commissions on these drones will range from $6 for a lower end drone ($100) to $2,400 in commission for a high end drone (that costs $40,000).

And this is just ONE of the many ways you can generate revenue from your website once you have traffic. You can make money through advertising, building an email list, selling your own products/services, or reselling your website traffic to others.

There is an Affiliate Programs platform (that you have access to as a Starter & Premium member) within Wealthy Affiliate that you can use to search for affiliate programs across any niche.  Here is an example search that I just did.

Golf - Affiliate Programs Search

You can a sample search, we just took a quick snippet but there were over 30 affiliate programs and millions of products I can promote in the “golf” industry alone as an affiliate marketer.  This tool literally will save you hours of time every week, as you can research, rank, follow and find affiliate programs across any industry/category with efficiency.

**Wealthy Affiliate not only has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online, you are going to be able to interact and work with some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world. There is beginner to advanced training on how to find affiliate programs and how to effectively convert visitors into “sales” on your website. It will only be a matter of time before you become an expert affiliate marketers yourself.

Alright, let’s get into the 10 reasons why you should consider Wealthy Affiliate whether you are looking to START a business online, or looking to expand your skill set and expertise and GROW your business online.

Reason #1: The Most Cost Efficient Way to Build a Business

The Premium membership price at Wealthy Affiliate is by far the highest value, most cost efficient way to create and grow an online business these days.   Everything you need to create a business is under one roof, and is completely included in your Premium membership.  There are companies charging $1,000’s for a fraction of the services that Wealthy Affiliate provides.

$49 per month or $495 per year. That works out to just over $1 per day for completely access to the platform, support, website, tools, community, and expertise.  When you compare this to ONE course in university on internet marketing which is $2,500 (yes, ONE course), you can appreciate just how great the value is at WA.  In fact, you could be a member at WA for 5 years for the same price!

The price is all-inclusive and includes everything you need to create, grow and scale your businesses to any level online.  The yearly offer also includes some really cool perks, you get a free domain, as well as “$50 of community cash” that you can use towards WA only services.

Reason #2: 24/7/365 Support.

The community at Wealthy Affiliate is full of experts, and incubates NEW experts with the “pay it forward” knowledge model.

If you ever have ANY issues with your websites or hosting, you have direct access to the server admins (the technical gurus) who will immediately help you sort out your problems, regardless of whether it is lunchtime, or 2 in the morning…or your location in the world.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate is a growing community of over 2.2+ million members. That is a big number. Think of 45 full football stadiums and this will give you a good grasp of the type of community you are dealing with.

There is a live chat directly within your back office dashboard that you can communicate within at any time.  Experts and million dollar marketers are always looming within Wealthy Affiliate and you can expect help within seconds through the live chat platform.

Outside of these mediums for support, you can leverage the “Question” platform which allows you to ask the community of 2.2+ Million community members for help, and you will get a wide range of answers and insight when you use this.  It is a brilliant platform for getting help on any topic related to your business.

Reason #3: Direct access to founders/CEO.

That is right. Not only do you have access to the most interactive and helpful community on the planet for Internet Entrepreneurs, you are going to be able to communicate and get help directly from the founders Kyle & Carson. They are active within the community every day and will be there to offer you help.

Kyle and Carson

There is nowhere else in the world that you can get this red carpet treatment, but it is something that has been part of the WA platform since day 1. Not a day goes by that you won’t be seeing Kyle or Carson interacting with comment threads, posting blogs, within the live chat, or helping people directly with their campaigns & businesses.

Reason #4: Current & Evolving Training. A Website Platform.

Every day, there is new training being added to Wealthy Affiliate. Every day, there are new training updates. The training is always been kept current within Wealthy Affiliate and covers a wide breadth of topics relating to building a business online.

Each and every week you can anticipated and expect new training, as well as updates to existing training.

Here are just some of the topics that are covered at Wealthy Affiliate that you can educate yourself on (and that you can get expert support with).

  • Website Development
  • WordPress (everything)
  • Traffic and Conversions
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email Marketing / Funnel Building
  • PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing)
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Image / Brand Management
  • Domain / Website Flipping
  • Content Marketing
  • Outsourcing & Freelancing
  • E-commerce / Shopify
  • …and much more

If you are looking to learn ANY topic related to building a business online, from the fundamentals of WordPress to Scaling an already successful business, you are going to feel at home at WA.

Reason #5: State of the Art Hosting.

To operate a successful website and online business, you need services you can rely on. The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is the  fastest and most cost efficient in the WordPress industry, with enough power with the Premium side service to drive several multi-million dollar businesses from one account.

Here is a breakdown of the hosting offered within WA, compared to other “top tier” Managed WordPress hosting companies in the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

When you can rely on the stability, speed and performance of your hosting company, you can focus on other things that will help you grow your business. You can absolutely RELY on the speed, security and quality of the WA hosting.

Speed is becoming one of the MAIN ranking factors for search engines in particular with Google’s latest focus on “web vitals”.  Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting platform the fastest hosting and loading websites in the industry, with a 100/100 rating in Google SiteSpeed with every new website build.

This alone will give you an advantage in the Search Engine Optimization world, and you will be able to outrank your competition.

Hosting is completely included in your membership at WA within the Premium membership.  You can host up to 10 of your own domains within Premium, and within Starter you can host up to ONE free website.

Reason #6: Everything you need, in ONE place (for one price)

Wealthy Affiliate is unique in that you can get all the training, tools, services and support you need under “one roof” to create and grow a business online. Often times you will find yourself buying a product or service online only to get PART of what you need.

That is not the case with Wealthy Affiliate. From start to finish and everything in between, you are well-equipped to build a business online. You are not just getting the tools you need, you are getting the tool belt, and teacher, and 24/7 access to this all-inclusive environment.

Reason #7: Weekly, EXPERT Live Classes

Get back to class! This is something we never liked to hear in high school, but when it comes to building a business online, it is always nice to have current, live and interactive training you can take part in. Every Friday there is a live class that you can take part in as a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.  Here are a few of the recent ones.

Live Video classes

These classes are typically run by Jay, one of the top experts within the WA community but there have been guest experiences by Kyle and others over the years. There is a live chat and a full question and answer period with every live class. Each live class is usually around 1.5 hours in length and the replays will be available to you the next day (along with 100’s of hours of past live classes).

If you want to stay ahead of your competition, Wealthy Affiliate is going to help you do that.  These live expert classes will really advance your knowledge to an EXPERT level.

Reason #8: Success is EVERYWHERE.

Want social proof of success? All you need to do is have a look around the community. Success is happening everywhere and there are new stories every day, from people making their first sale online, to people making their first $1,000…to quitting their day jobs, to selling websites for $30,000+.   Here is just a small sample of success stories that you will see, there are 1,000’s like this and you will see new ones posted daily.

Success at Wealthy Affiliate

The fact of the matter is, if you put forth the effort and apply what is taught to you in the training (and follow the 4 steps to success methodology), you are going to come out on top. Sure, it will take some hard work. Anything worth working for takes, WORK…and owning your own, successful long term business should be one of those goals that you have.

Reason #9: The MOST Cost Efficient Business Platform. No Upsells.

If you had the opportunity to create, own, manage and get full support for your business for just over $1 per day, would you?

Well that is the reality at Wealthy Affiliate.

The only worse thing than a half-baked product is realizing that you have to spend $100’s if not $1,000’s more to get the “meat” of the product. This is all too common these days in the internet marketing world, people are getting taken advantage of and you will never get a sense of this sort of behavior at Wealthy Affiliate.

It is $495 (just over $1 per day0 for an entire year Premium membership. That includes everything you need. The hosting. The websites. The personal mentoring. The endless amounts of training. Access to network with over a MILLION fellow affiliates/experts. Live weekly classes you can look forward to. Keyword tools.

Less than a buck per day, this is by far the most comprehensive and cost-efficient platform in the industry. In fact, once you have access to Wealthy Affiliate Premium there will never be a reason to purchase another silly e-book, attend another overpriced conference, or get sucked into another $1,000+ mentoring package against.

All you need in one spot and it only gets better with each day that passes. Here is a comparison chart of the memberships and what you get within the membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Levels

Reason #10: Completely FREE Starter Membership.

You have no reason not to join and try Wealthy Affiliate. Why you ask?

It’s completely free.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a completely free, no obligation Starter membership. There aren’t many products or services online that have enough confidence in their service that and they allow you to try it for free before you spend a dime. That is why Wealthy Affiliate is different and always keeping a step ahead of the competition.

You don’t like what you see, leave. Never come back and you have lost nothing.

If you like what you see and like the services, then you can stick around. You can spend as much time as a Starter member as you like, and if you ever feel you want more and that Wealthy Affiliate Premium is worth your $1 per day, then you can decide on that later.

I am a fan of companies that back their product. You can walk into an Apple store and try the latest iPhone or MacBook before you buy it. There are no secrets and you know what you are getting before you buy it.

The same at Wealthy Affiliate and the FREE Starter membership offers FAR more than any other PAID program in the industry.

Conclusion. Try it.  Make a Decision. (We Know You Will Love It)

I want you to be the judge. There are some very good “salespeople” out there and pages trying to convince you that you need to join something NOW or the world is going to fold in half and disappear.

That is not me. I simply want you to make a decision based on what you “feel” and follow your intuition. If you think Wealthy Affiliate would be a good fit for you based on what I said, try it out. If you are not sure, then why not try it out.

===>  Create Your Starter Wealthy Affiliate Account Now!

What do you have to lose? $0.

We actually would prefer that you join the Starter membership.  This way you can test the platform, use it, start building your business, and decide if it is for you before you have to spend a dime.

There is no other company in the industry that is offering “free” access, and there is a reason for this.  None can come close to the offering at Wealthy Affiliate, and that is something that you are going to quickly realize as you step into the community and start using the platform.

And don’t just take my word for it, see what others are saying about Wealthy Affiliate.

If you do have ANY questions about Wealthy Affiliate, you want to chime in with your own experience you have had at WA, or you have any other questions related to affiliate/internet marketing, leave them below and we will be sure to help you out!