What is a Joint Venture in business and why do them with MagicBrad?

It has been asked, what is a joint venture in business and why would anyone want to JV with MagicBrad?

For me, joint venturing is nothing formal or a long-term commitment in any regard. For me joint venturing is essentially collaborating with each other to reach a common goal or objective.

As long as all individuals involved are in agreement with the target goal and objective, it is simply about sharing the fruits of our labor.

There is no need to make things difficult, because all parties involved are probably already doing the things that are necessary to be done.

By this, what I mean is Internet activity.

A good example, is the videos that I do on The Magic Brad Show and then post and propagate on the Internet. YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, blogger and the list goes on.


The Synergy Collaborative, is the best example I can give regarding joint venturing on projects.


“A rising tide, lifts all boats.”

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