Can Event Planners work online and make money from home?

Of course Event Planners can work online and make money from home. Independent event planners have been working from home for many years.

Where they are missing the boat, in my opinion, is they are not leveraging technology to make their job easier. There are many ways of automating communication, and personalizing products and services with print merge functions.

One of my favorite tools is what I call the MagicMarketingTool and I Use this tool to stay top of mine with my customers and prospects, and also to reward them for jobs well done.

This MagicMarketingTool is called MailBoxPower and I love to help you leverage it for your business.

There are also ways of earning passive income by leveraging a method called Affiliate Marketing which allows you to use unique links in your communications, to sell Affiliated and Products and services.

I have implemented an affiliate program into my business, so that my vendors and colleagues can earn revenue from my various products and services.


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