A software to get a Direct Mail Mailing List and a PDF on How to use it!

Even if you have only been in business for a short amount of time you know that there are places where you can buy a direct mail mailing list that is targeted for your business to find new customers.

But did you know there is a software called MailBoxPower, where you can purchase the list, then design a postcard, greeting card or personalized gift to send to that list. All from the same platform.

I called this my Magic Marketing Tool because there are also features in the software that allow you to do print merge so the personalization is unique for each recipient even if it is a bulk broadcast mailing.

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Years ago when I was a full-time performing entertainer (Magician) I did a lot of Direct Mall Postcards. I had to design the piece, bring it to a printer, have them print it, and then label it and then put on postage, and get it to the post office.

Now all that can all be done on one software platform.

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I have also developed a PDF document that has ways of making direct mail more effective. Here is a link to get that PDF. Yes there is a fee.

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How a Real Estate Direct Mail Postcards software gets (and keep) MORE business referrals.

Staying top of mind is vital in business. Especially in these days of online activity. The use of real estate direct mail postcards is popular, but I think a lot of the agents are doing it incorrectly.

This is just my opinion.

Just mailing out a postcard, is not enough. There needs to be a series of mailings, and they can NOT be “salesy” or they will just be thrown in the trash.

Use fun graphics and be entertaining.

Also, doing these mailings consistently is also vital. However it can be time consuming, unless you know how to leverage automation.

I have a software called MailBoxPower, that I use a lot. I call it my Magic Marketing Tool, because of the features for purchasing super targeted lists, and the automation and print merge functions.

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I also use this Platform and the United States Postal Service to send invitations for my Minnesota event planners expo coming in March.

If you are local to the Twin Cities, and want to learn more about Event Marketing, you can register to attend this event at MinnesotaEventExpo.com

As usual, if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

100% Open Rate on my Direct Mail Real Estate Strategy!

What are the open rates on your emails and your social media Engagement?

My direct mail real estate campaign gets 100% Open rates, because when people receive packages, they need to open them. It’s like a surprise birthday gift when they receive it, they need to open it.

I am using a platform called MailBoxPower for some of my real estate clients. I call it my Magic Marketing Tool, because I can automate tasks with the features in this software program. I am also able to implement a print merge function so that each piece I send can be personalized with the recipient.

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If you are a real estate agent, you can learn more about how mailbox power specifically can be used for real estate businesses.

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These great Direct Mail ideas and how to deliver them.

I used to mail a lot of postcards back in the 80s and 90s. One of my favorites was a puzzle that was printed on the postcard. People would actually save this puzzle in their wallet and call me sometimes to find a solution.

Another postcard I would send was another puzzle that required the use of five pennies and five dimes and to find a solution I use my phone number for the call to action.

I also used a perforated Postcard once that could be separated into three separate pieces and delivered to different departments within a company.

There are a lot of direct mail ideas that are very creative, and also impactful.

However, more importantly how do you deliver these messages to the ideal prospective customer?

I would use a product called MailBoxPower, because it is a Magic Marketing Tool… Take a look.

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What I personally find amazing about this software platform, is not seen from the outside.

Here is what is on the inside.

  • Postcards, Greeting Cards and Personalized gifts.
  • Print Merge feature allows sending hundreds or thousands of pieces yet each individual piece is personalized.
  • List Builder to select the geographic and demographic specifics of individuals or businesses.
  • Automated Campaigns to schedule birthdays, anniversaries or specific dates. You can also set campaigns to trigger when a form is filled out.

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