What jobs pay 100 hour is the Wrong Question!

If you are looking for what jobs pay 100 hour as a wage, you are thinking the wrong way.

If you are truly interested in time freedom, financial freedom, and the freedom to go where you want when you want, then hourly compensation by a wage slave is not the occupation for you.

Any job that is paying you per hour, is taking your time away from you. if you’re not working, you’re not getting paid.

This is the reason I am such an advocate of affiliate marketing. You can do your work anytime you please, and the income is passive. Do you have the ability to scale up your income, by doing more work, but you do not need to do the work when someone else is controlling you.

I guess, if I was getting paid per hour, I would want the hourly wage to be so incredibly high, that I could make $1 million in a few months, then I would invest in real estate investment trust (REITs)

But it would be hard for those three months, because I would not be in control of my own destiny. And if I died within the two months, and not realize the fruits of my labor, I would have wasted those two months.

I love my time freedom!

The wonderful thing about being an affiliate marketer, is you do not need to worry about fulfillment of the product, or management of employees, or warehousing product, or deal with refunds or returns.

All I need to do as an affiliate marketer, is promote a product to a prospect.

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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: There are links in this website, that are connected to affiliate programs where I will get paid, if someone makes a purchase. This is how I make a living. Thank you for your support.

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