What is the Keystone Pipeline project?

We hear about it in the news but what is the keystone pipeline project and is it a good thing, or a bad thing?

What does this have to do with affiliate marketing, and how can you benefit?

Good and bad is relevant and relative to the individual and their beliefs and values.

If you can profit from it, you might have the opinion that oil is a good thing. But if you can profit from natural energy, you might think that oil is a bad thing.

The specific details of the Keystone Pipeline Project is an oil supply pipeline that runs from Canada to the United States. , It is owned by TC Energy.

It runs from Alberta Canada to the USA in Illinois and Texas. There is also oil farms in Cushing, OK.

I think we can all agree, that oil is a primary energy resource for the world.

If you live in any city, you will see a vehicle of some sort, and it is probably running off of gasoline petroleum.

This is not saying that we can’t move towards electric vehicles, but in our current situation the majority is petroleum based vehicles.

We will move more into natural energy resources, but the way it sits right now, it is the oil pipeline that feeds our lifestyle.

My thoughts are, keep the oil flowing, and work on natural energy resources like solar, water, wind and geothermal.

So then, what does this have to do with affiliate marketing?

Did you know there are solar energy affiliate programs that you can earn a commission from when you refer business to a solar installation company?

To find these types of affiliate programs, it is a simple Google search away. All you need to do is Google the keyword “Affiliate Program”, and then the keyword of the type of natural energy you are interested in.

By the way, there are affiliate links on this website that I earn commissions from. So I need to post a disclosure.

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