Is America going to Digital Currency?

Is money changing from how we used to know it?

There is a lot of talk going about digital currency being used in place of a paper dollar. This has been slowly happening over the years. Some are denying that we will lose paper cash money, but if you are a visionary, and are capable of seeing behind the curtain, you can see that this is the way it is going.

Everything is turning digital.

Heck, Mark Zuckerberg is creating a digital universe.

Will this effect the affiliate marketing industry? I don’t know, but I am currently getting my payments made through digital platforms at the moment.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: By the way, I need to let you know that there are a few late links on this website, and if you decide to purchase something I am a very possibly earn a commission. This is how I make money on the Internet. Thank you for your support.

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