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The bus service at metro transit Minneapolis is perhaps one of the most affordable ways to travel.

What is your time worth?

Even though, the pass system is very fordable, is it worth your time? Is your time more valuable spent working and making money, or sitting on a bus going to an hourly pay job.

How much do you get paid per hour? And how many hours are you able to work each day? The efficiency of a bus ride the best way for you to be spending your time?

They say… Time is money.

I am sure you have heard it said before, that time is money. If time was truly money, we would all have the same amount. Just like we each have 24 hours in a day. However, if you compare individual bank accounts, people have different amounts of money. Therefore, time is not money.


Make Money will Waiting for the Bus!


Money is a byproduct of the work and energy that we put out. The money you get paid, is relevant to the value you are putting out. If you are sitting at the bus stop, waiting for your bus to arrive, what is your value to society? You are not getting paid while you are sitting on the bus. Would you like to be earning money while you are sitting at the bus stop, or riding the bus. Or even while you are sleeping or hanging out with friends.

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Are you aware there are other ways to make money rather than being a wage slave and working for an hourly wage? If you have the time to sit on a bus, you could be posting a blog just like the one I am doing now. I am literally talking this into my Apple iPhone at this moment.

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