Where to buy Apple Airpods is on Amazon, naturally

This post is about the corded earphones VS Apple Airpods where buy you do not need those cords tangling up in your pocket.

The apple airpods wireless headphones are an easy way to make calls hands free.

I wondered where can i find apple airpods and then a pair magically appeared in the back seat of my car. See, I was driving for Lyft at the time, and someone left them in my back seat. I tried to return them but could not connect with who ever left them. So… “finders keepers, losers weepers” I guess.

You will probably not be as lucky as me to find a free pair, but you can buy a pair on Amazon. This comes WITH the cool little container and charging station.

After a while you might want to learn how to clean apple airpods without ruining them. You can use the banner above to buy apple airpods and the apple airpods wireless set. The standard set is the apple airpods white and you can also check into the apple airpods waterproof case if you do a lot of talking in the rain or play around water.


Please understand that if you choose to purchase these ear pods then I will earn an Affiliate Commission.

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