Easy digital marketing for events and event professionals

For EVENT PLANNER’s, one of the big concerns is digital marketing for events and increasing the attendance. There is nothing more frustrating for and Event Promoter, then putting lots of time, energy and money into an event, and then having less than impressive attendance at the event.

The inception of the Internet has reduce the efficacy of posting flyers all over town. The new methods are primarily digital with posting events on platforms like event Brite, Facebook, meet up and other Internet platforms.

My Successful Campaign Strategy

Good old Facebook is where a lot of people seem to be hanging out these days.  And the advertising platform is amazing when it comes to targeting a specific audience.  The key, is the alignment of the audience with the specific event being promoted.  Even if you have a super amazing spectacular event that you are planning, if it does not align with the audience, you will not have maximum attendance.  Targeting an audience with the desire for the content that is in the event is vital to the success of a event marketing campaign.

Lead Generation Strategy

The strategy I have had some very good success with, is a combination of Facebook events, EventBrite ticketing, and the MailChimp email platform. These three platforms seem to integrate very well together.

Facebook allows you to create an event on their platform, and then advertise it to a very specific niche audience. Then the registration is done with the EventBrite platform, which seems to be a popular and trusted platform. The EventBrite registrants then integrate easily into MailChimp, and a automated campaign can be set up in MailChimp to  communicate to those register for the event to assure their attendance on the event date.

In closing…

I used this strategy to get attendance to the Minnesota Event Planners Expo held here in the Twin Cities. Last year, I spent less than $500, and we attracted over 800 people.

If you would like to discuss an event marketing strategy for your business, please feel free to contact me.

Event-fully Yours,

Minneapolis, MN

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