This Fly Fishing flies SALE can make you Money!

An avid fly fisherman is always looking for a fly fishing flies sale to get some deals on some new hot items.

If you love flyfishing, and you also like making money, you are going to love this idea.

Here is the way it works!

It is going to be done, with a process known as Affiliate Marketing. Don’t let this confuse you. It’s not that complicated.

If you are not already familiar with the Affiliate Marketing Model I will give you a basic rundown of how it works.

In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is simply being the middleman between a product and a prospect.

In this fly fishing example, the product is the things that a fly fisherman uses. Such as, a variety of flies, reels, rods, waiters, tackle and tackle boxes.

The prospect is the person interested in flyfishing, such as yourself. Probably the reason you are reading this post.

Now for the simple part.

Getting traffic online, is vital and very important in the affiliate marketing space. The way you are going to get traffic, is set up a live stream camera at your favorite fishing spot. All you do is set up the camera on a tripod, and hook it up to your cell phone on a popular live stream platform such as Facebook, YouTube, TickTock etc.

Now your job is to start fishing. All you do is start fishing and talk into the camera once in a while. Believe me, when people learn about this, they will watch, and while they are watching and listening, you make basic conversation about your love of flyfishing.

So then, how do you make money?

As you may recall I mentioned the model of affiliate marketing. What you do, is become an affiliate (which is free) of flyfishing products. These are the products that you are going to put on a simple webpage, which also can be free or a very minimal investment.

You will direct your video viewers to visit this website on occasion.

When your viewers, find an interest in your flyfishing experiences, they will visit your website, and on this website you will have the basic essentials for beginning a flyfishing lifestyle. These essentials are the products that you are an affiliate for. When these new flyfishing enthusiast purchase products from your website, you earn commissions.

Once this is set up, all you need to do is go fishing and go live on the video.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details on this strategy.

If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, you can do so by going to the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: I am an affiliate for many of the products on this website. If you click a link and go to the product and make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This is how I earn a living. Thank you for your support.


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