Free event invitation templates can save you loads of time!

Yes! You can use MailBoxPower to make free event invitation templates and it will save you tons of time.

Sending invitations to any event, used to be done through the United States Postal Service. Then along comes the Internet, and everything is done online these days it seems.

However, the old fashion method of direct mail is still very effective. In fact it could possibly be more effective considering the longevity of an email in a persons inbox, compared to a postcard mailed to their home or office.

What I am doing now, is using the free version of Canva to design a 4“ x 6“ postcard. I then upload this graphic into my MailBoxPower software, and I am able to send out these postcards at only $.40 each.

If you’re not familiar with MailBoxPower, it is a software platform that allows the user to send postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts through the United States Postal Service.

I call it my magic marketing tool, because of the features inside.


If you would like to learn more about mailbox power, you can visit this link below.

In the video below, I talk with my friend Bo Young about how we use this software.


AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: I am an affiliate for MailBoxPower, so if you decide you are interested in the software, and decide to purchase it, I will earn a commission from your purchase. You will not pay anymore, I will just earn a commission. This is how I earn money on the Internet. Thank you!

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