I Googled THIS: – joe biden net worth – and look what I found!

Have you ever googled Joe Biden net worth before?

If you do, you will find everything from articles on Forbes, FOXBusiness, New York Times, Wall Street, cheat sheet and even AOL.

The former vice president calls himself the “Middle-Class Joe“ but he is worth significantly more, I think. He had that name, when he had about 42,000 a year in 1973 and that went up to 160 9000 in 2008.

When Biden left the Senate in 2009 to serve as vice president for Barack Obama he made an estimated $230,000 a year.

In his eight years as vice president, Forbes estimated that Joe Biden and his wife Joe Biden made more than 3 million during that time.

Now that Joe Biden is running for president in 2020, his celebrity net worth estimate is worth 4 million.

Politics is not for me.

I have noticed that politicians age very rapidly. Would you want to be a politician for a living?

I will stick with a modest income as an affiliate marketer. Joe Biden Net Worth

Becoming a millionaire, is a dream for a lot of people. However, I have a saying that goes like this. “The higher you go, the farther you can fall.”

I’m not saying a person should not strive to earn more money, and have a better lifestyle. My belief is that a modest income that is regular and recurring is less stressful, less risky and more fulfilling.

Earn passive income

You can earn a passive income, by creating your own website, about a specific topic that you have an interest in. What you then do is create content that is relevant to your interest, and then find products and services that have affiliate programs, so you can’t earn commissions when people make purchases of these products.

You don’t need to own products

As an affiliate marketer, you do not need your own products or services. What you are doing, is promoting other peoples products and services, and they are the ones that need to for fill the orders. When a sale is made they agree to pay you a commission on that product.

You don’t need to ship anything

Another wonderful feature of affiliate marketing, is you do not need to fulfill the product. That means you do not need to package up products and mail them like you might with eBay. You simply promote the product or service, and the creator then fulfills the product and does all the billing. You didn’t earn commissions from that product.

Earn passive income

Another fantastic thing about affiliate marketing, is it is passive income. In other words, you do not need to be present when a purchase is made. This is because the purchase is done online, when a person visits your website and they decide to purchase the product, then the sale is made. You could very possibly be on vacation, or enjoying time with your friends and family, and a sale could be made passively.

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