The problem with Legendary Marketer and other programs with that same model.

Yes, there is a problem with programs like Legendary Marketer and the many others that are using a similar model.

The core root of the problem is marketing incest. These programs breed Marketers that are recruiting other marketers and teaching them how to recruit more marketers. There is nothing wrong with promoting the training, but it gets a little risky when there is so much emphasis on the recruiting. It’s on a slippery slope of a illegal Ponzi scheme.

These types of programs are not illegal Ponzi schemes, but they are walking on the edge.

Here is the model, and what is bad with it.

The model is a 90% educational training program. There is a low point of entry, and once you get inside most of the emphasis is on up sells into other elements of the training within the program. There is not enough emphasis on marketing in general so that a person could go out and promote other products and services. The students of programs like legendary Marketer and Empower Network, and My Online Business Education, and Home Business Academy and the many others only learn what is taught in the training. They never get outside of the training to experience real life Marketing.

I have been at this for a while. In fact, I have been involved in all of those forementioned programs. They are all basically doing the same thing.

What I like about the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, is there is training and education, but there is also Tools and Hosting and Website and Design and Keyword research tools and a community.

I am an advocate of collaboration, so I have worked together a team to go along with my wealthy affiliate tribe.

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