The Minneapolis St. Paul are is bustling with Networking Events

If you are looking for networking events in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, been looking all further than

The reason I created this website, honestly is because the domain name was available.

I was just poking around on the Internet, and thought I would try the keyword Twin Cities Business Events, and the domain was available so I grabbed it.


Now, I use this website to curate, collaborate and propagate local Twin Cities business events for business people to attend, exhibit and sponsor.

Event listings are very affordable, and they are actually free for members of the Synergy Collaborative if they choose to utilize this platform to promote their business.

For those that may not know, the Synergy Collaborative is a concept that I created and founded to offer to Business Owners that want to automate, delegate and accelerate their business marketing and promotions.


Another tool that I really like, and I make available to Synergy Collaborative members is my magic marketing tool that utilizes MailBoxPower and the United States Postal Service.



Event-fully Yours,


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