How to Make Money from Minnesota Vikings Fans

You can legally sell Minnesota Vikings swag, when you know the secrets. Let me show you how right here.

You can legally sell Minnesota Vikings jewelry for example.

I’d doubt that you can legally sell Minnesota Vikings tickets however. Viking fans are always on the lookout for┬ácheap minnesota vikings tickets but I leave that up to the street peeps.

Maybe you are interested in a Minnesota Vikings chair and table set.

You can take it to the Minnesota Vikings training camp and watch from the sidelines.

Or maybe some Minnesota Vikings shorts to show off your support LOUD and PROUD

The ladies love to decorate their nails with Minnesota Vikings art so maybe these Waterslide Nail Art Decals are your purchase for today.

These purple and gold gloves will keep your hand extremities warm and toasty.

FULL TRANSPARENCY DISCLAIMER: As you may already know, I am an Affiliate Marketer, so if and when you make a purchase on Amazon from my affiliate links on this page, I will earn a commission.

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