The Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing models are vastly different

What is the difference between Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing?

THIS IS A GREAT QUESTION and I wish more people would understand the significant differences Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing. They are NOT the same.

Here is the simple difference in my opinion.

AFFILIATE MARKETING – You earn your money from directly selling products and services. There is not recruiting involved, unless you are an affiliate broker.

NETWORK MARKETING – You earn your money from selling products directly as well as a percentage of the products sold by people you recruit.

The main differences in the two models, is the recruiting of other marketers.

With Affiliate Marketing it is 95% direct sales of products and services and maybe 5% or less time spent recruiting other marketers. With affiliate marketing, you are NOT REQUIRED to recruit other marketers. With affiliate marketing, you do not need to own or use the products or services.

With Network Marketing it is about 90% focused on recruiting other marketers into the network, and maybe about 5% direct selling to public. Most of the time, energy and money is focused on recruiting more marketers. With network marketing, you are usually required to purchase the products and services.

Personally, I’d prefer the flexibility and freedom of the Affiliate Marketing model.

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