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Let me start by letting you know, I am not a sports fan. I do like to watch UFC, but aside from that, I’m not really into football, basketball, baseball or hockey.

My interest in sports is there is MONEY in it. Sports fans are fanatic and loyal.

There are even sports marketing schools that teach people how to be in the business of sports. Did you know there are sports marketing colleges to? You can actually get a sports marketing media degree and a sports marketing certificate for you to become a sports marketing major. You can earn multiple sports marketing degrees if you don’t want to settle for a single sports marketing degree.

I am interest in all sports marketing in all the different sports. I am not really interested in sports marketing management or even college sports marketing for that matter.

I’m interested in making money from the business of sports by tapping the market of the 100s of 1,000s of fans of Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.

If you are interested in capitalizing FINANCIALLY from Sports, let me know.

I have an idea to pull together a collaborative group of marketers. I want to designate one person per team, and then the collaborative would work together to co-promote each participants products that represent that team.

We can do this by using the Wealthy Affiliate Membership platform to build out our specific websites, and then NETWORK them together to create this Collaborative Group of Affiliate Marketers capitalizing on the Sports Industry.


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