#EventProfs ! What is a team building event with @gameshowbattle ?

A seasoned and savvy event planning veteran need not ask , what is a team building event because the odds are high that they have planned plenty of them.

But for those event planners that are new to the Industry, let me summarize the concept of an event for team building for you.

Simply put, it’s FUN!!

A Team Building event is an event with a focus around building a team.

And to elaborate further, the team as a family, community or a culture with common goals and objectives.

One of the best ways to create and develop a team that works in harmony and synergy is to put them in a fun interactive environment.

This is where companies like Game Show Battle Room come into play.

The people at game show battle room exhibited in the Minnesota Event Planner Expo, pre-pandemic. They showcased the mini game show programs they offered for Corporate Events and Association programs.

Little did they know, that a pandemic was coming and would slow down their business significantly.

However, the folks at Game Show Battle Room have the savvy and insight to become innovative and keep their business moving using online methods for their clients and customers.

SEE GameShowBattleRooms.com

If you are interested in developing a program for your company, you can contact them directly.

If you have other questions about the event industry and leveraging live events both in person and online to promote your business, please feel free to contact me.

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I’m looking forward to your phone call.


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