So then… what is effective advertising for Business Owners in Minneapolis

Business owners in Minneapolis and all over the world of an asked the question, what is effective advertising that gets the best results.

In my opinion, it is a hybrid strategy leveraging in person events, physical Postcards and Products Central United States Postal Service using MailBoxPower and my Special MagicMarketingTool to get there.


I am using a QR code strategy that move the online chatter back into real life physical activity.

I am leveraging the Internet because of the 24/7 dynamic activity online, to generate leads. These leads are then put into a system that sends physical postcards, greeting cards and gifts via the United States Postal Service.

I called this my “magic marketing tool” and it is… MAGIC.

If you find this of interest, I would love to have a conversation and share some of my strategies that have been working for me.



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