Can you Make Money Selling Annuities on the Internet?

Can you make money selling annuities on the Internet?

Selling annuities can provide a significant income. With average commissions around 7% if you work as an agent you can make $7000 by selling simply one $100,000 annuity.

If an agent was to choose insurance jobs in annuities commonly choose to be upfront and take commissions that are residual in option.

You might be wondering how much an agent can make selling duties. Well, commissions will range from 1% to maybe 3% and that depends on the policy.

People are more savvy these days of their options because the Internet provides a lot of information. So you cannot play any games. To sell things directly, you need to be a savvy sales person.

In my opinion…

In my opinion, you could probably make easier money by teaching other people to sell annuities. You could do this as an affiliate marketer with a training website.

You would not even need to create your own products. You could simply state your opinion, on your website doing multiple blog posts on various topics, and then passively visitors to your website will click on ads on your website that leads them to products that they may purchase. When they make a purchase, you earn a commission.

All you do, is post your opinion.

I am sure you have an opinion of what is good, bad or otherwise in this profession. However, you may be limited in earning, by regulations within the industry.

Affiliate marketing, allows you to promote and advertise a variety of products and services, and earn commissions from them.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program will show you the basics all the way to expert techniques for becoming a Super Affiliate.

And as always, if you would like help to create your website and marketing plan, please feel free to contact me.


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