Here’s how businesses in downtown Minneapolis will come back.

Our economy in downtown Minneapolis has been impacted from the recent riots, looting, arson and ignorance.

However, it will spring back. The reason it will come back in my opinion is people have a need to come together. Even if they have a disagreement, there is a natural instinct to come together.

Disagreement and competition or short-lived. There is a desire for people to come together in Community, Collaborate and cooperate with each other.

I have found this in business as well as society. Part of the reason that I created the Synergy Collaborative is because I know that more gets accomplished when people work together.


Together We Accomplish More!

There are multiple ways to keep the cash flowing in the communities in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul. Our Twin Cities area is bustling with activity.

I’m more of a political note, I still believe that the universal basic income concept introduced by Andrew Yang is a viable concept to stimulate the economy in our cities.

However, until that happens, I am utilizing my Synergy Affiliate Program to help people learn passive monthly income.

Another way to earn passive income, is by utilizing a platform that I call my Magic Marketing Tool using the United States Postal Service to deliver postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts.

It is called MailBoxPower


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