I wonder, how was technology made to be so complicated?

Do you ever wonder, how was technology made to be so complicated and confusing to the average person?

I believe, the Internet is a contributing factor to the complexity of technological communication and understanding.

When I am planning out my strategies for Affiliate Marketing and Event Marketing, I try and keep things as simple as possible. Even if the technology is in depth and complex, I prefer only to use the basic elements so I am not spending a lot of time learning and troubleshooting technology situations.

One of the software platforms that I use to promote my events and my affiliate offers, is called MailBoxPower and it uses the United States Postal Service to deliver postcards, greeting cards and personalize gifts.

MailBoxPower can get complicated, however I prefer to use the basics. I send a lot of Postcards because they are very affordable, and the delivery is much more dependable than email or social media posting.

I’ll call MailBoxPower my magic marketing tool, because it is pretty simple and almost works like magic.

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In this video I talked with my friend Brian on The Magic Brad Show about technology and the complexity.

SEE TheMagicBradShow.com

Take a watch…

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