Best online side hustles to earn money in the Events and Activities business.

Are you looking for online side hustles to earn some extra money?

Personally, I don’t like the term “hustle” because it sounds exhausting.

I believe that if you are doing something that you enjoy, it will not be exhausting, and you will not need to hustle. You will enjoy the journey.

This is why my business has been in Events, Entertainment and Activities for most of my life.

Would you like to earn extra money promoting events such as concerts, theater, fairs, festivals, galas and special events?

Great! Let’s do it.

My company, Synergy Event Marketing LLC is designed around using live in person events to promote products and services.

We are doing this with a membership program I’ve designed called the Synergy Collaborative where our participants help raise each others rankings on the Internet.


  • Synergy Socials
  • Synergy First Thursdays
  • Event Vendor Showcase
  • Synergy Affiliate Program
  • Synergy Showcase
  • Synergy Event Marketing
  • Minnesota Event Expo
  • MagicBrad Presents

I also use a platform called MailBoxPower  to promote some of our vendors. I called this my Magic Marketing Tool, because it is so powerful.


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