How I used my subscription to Twin Cities Business Journal to build a Top 100 list.

I remember back in the 90s when I had an office at International Market Square, and I would use my subscription to the Twin Cities Business Journal to build a list of the Twin Cities top corporations.

Every week, I would get my subscription, and there was a full page listing of the top corporations in specific industries.

I would use this list, to build a mailing list of only the top 100. My list consisted of corporations such as General Mills, Pillsbury, Medtronic, 3M, Honeywell, Best Buy, Target Corporation and the list went on and on.

Still to this day, these are the corporations that I invite to the Minnesota Event Expo held each year in March.


Granted, the Internet has made these corporations available to most anyone with Internet connection. However most people get overwhelmed with the plethora of other businesses online, and neglect targeting these top 100.

I know this happens to me. However I try and stay focused as much as I possibly can with the barrage of information coming at me daily.

Even during this pandemic, there is a plethora of events happening throughout the cities.


I have created an organization of business owners to collaborate and help each other raise ranks and exposure on the Internet. I called this organization the Synergy Collaborative and even though it is decentralized and does not actually have a website, we are growing.

Together We Accomplish More 


Let’s connect! If you would like to get together on a video call, telephone call, or meet for coffee to do some brainstorming and collaboration, feel free to contact me.

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